What is YouCaring?

YouCaring.com is a simple, FREE online platform created for people who want to fundraise for causes they care about. From medical expenses, to memorials and mission trips or even pet care - if it’s important to you, it qualifies.

We provide customizable, personal fundraising webpages to help you spread your cause and raise support.

We serve as a professional way to implement your fundraising idea and achieve, or exceed, your fundraising goal. We are also a fundraising support system that offers fundraiser organizers everything from tips about getting started to information-packed blogs.

How did we start? 

After traveling the world for two years on mission trips, we realized one thing: the drive to help others was in our DNA. And we weren’t alone.

Along our journey we have met passionate people who have found the best way to change the world often starts with helping the person who is right in front of you. A neighbor. An ailing mother or father. An old friend. A pet in pain. A total stranger.

YouCaring.com was our way of forming a global community of people dedicated to supporting and encouraging the people right in front of us.

As members of that community, we feel privileged to offer the only free fundraising website. We’re continually amazed to hear the stories of what YouCaring.com fundraisers are able to achieve and the outpouring of love and support they receive.