Sharing your fundraiser on Facebook

Based on data that we've collected correlating "Shares" with the amount in donations received to a fundraiser, we've found that on average each share can be worth up to $37 received in donations.

You can now share your fundraiser directly from your "Share Fundraiser" tab.


Please follow these steps to share your fundraiser on Facebook:

1. Log into your dashboard by clicking 'Log in' on the home page (
2. Click 'My Account' in the top right corner of the screen to view the list of fundraisers on your account.
3. Click on 'Manage Fundraiser' next to the fundraiser you would like to edit.
4. Click on the ‘Share Fundraiser’ tab.
5. Click ‘Share on Facebook’ tab.
6. Select the blue ‘Share on Facebook’ button.
7. Create a status update with a sentence or two about your fundraiser, add your personalized hashtag, and tag your friends.  
8. Click 'Post to Facebook'.

When posting on Facebook you should:

  • Create a status update with a sentence or two about your fundraiser, a great personal photo that helps tell your story, and the URL link to your YouCaring page. And be sure to feature your personalized hashtag.  
  • Make your update public to get more views. Ask friends to share your update with their friends, too.
  • Post updates to your wall, start a group to support your cause, and/or create an event and invite your friends.

Check out our Five Steps to Featuring your Fundraiser on Facebook Timelines blog entry for specific steps you can take to get the word out on your fundraiser!