I’m raising funds for someone else. How do I send donations to them using WePay?

When you create your fundraiser, you will need to click the 'Confirm' button on the 'COLLECT YOUR DONATIONS' page.

This will direct you to the 'WHO IS THE FUNDRAISER FOR?' page. You'll then need to follow these steps to set up the account for funds to be sent directly to your beneficiary:

1. Click on the 'Someone Else' button.
2. Enter in the beneficiary's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address in the 'THEIR DETAILS' section. This will give your beneficiary access to the WePay account.
3. Enter your preferred Email Address in the 'YOUR DETAILS' section. This will also give you access to the WePay account.
4. Click 'Confirm.'

You will then receive an email from WePay to confirm your account, as well as the beneficiary. The beneficiary will then be able to confirm the WePay account and add their personal and banking information to the fundraiser. 

Please note that one of you will need to confirm the account to enable your fundraiser to start accepting donations.



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