Using hashtags when sharing on social media

A good "hashtag" allows people to search through billions of posts and tweets by topic. All you have to do is add a "#" symbol followed by one to a few words (with no spaces), such as #adoption #medicalexpenses #helpmefundraise #supportmycause. When you include your hashtag in social networking messages, it makes your fundraiser easier to find and to share.


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    Don't forget to share #YouCaringGives hash tag to social media when promoting the campaign among your social circles for our 2016 Giving Tuesday campaign! 

    In short, we'll be donating $5,000 to 10 fundraisers ($500 each) and the last recipient will also receive our head of storytelling, meaning she'll fly out and help produce a video for their fundraiser. Organizers can participate by adding #YouCaringGives to their fundraiser title. Donors can nominate a fundraiser by donating and adding #YouCaringGives to their message. We're also encouraging members to share their fundraiser on social media with the hashtag in order to get noticed. 

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