Can you feature my fundraiser on

Here are some important things to consider before submitting a request to have your fundraiser featured on

1. We recommend having at least five pictures and preferably 10 or more on your fundraiser. High-quality, interesting imagery that tells a story can instantly develop understanding, spark compassion and inspire action. Don't forget to refresh your page with new images as your fundraiser gains traction to continue to make your campaign appealing.

2. Videos are impactful, too. Adding a video to your fundraiser is a great way to connect more deeply with your viewers and drive more traction on your fundraiser page.

3. Successful fundraisers describe the situation honestly. Your description should tell the who, what, and why of your fundraiser. Who is the fundraiser for? What are/were they like? What happened? Where is the beneficiary located? How will the funds be used? What is your relation to the beneficiary?

4. We also recommend posting text and picture updates at least once a week

For context, here are some examples of fundraisers that we've featured in the past: 

JIM MCFARLAND needs "YOUR" help to WIN his ALS battle!

Bring Home Oliver - Justin & Keary's Uganda Adoption

If you'd like to submit a request to have your fundraiser featured on, please send an email to and include your fundraiser URL. 

Please note that we receive dozens of requests every week to feature fundraisers. While we are more than happy to review your fundraiser for consideration, we can't guarantee that it will be featured on