I believe a fundraiser is misleading or fraudulent. What should I do?

If you encounter a fundraiser on YouCaring that you suspect may be misrepresenting information in a way that is illegal or fraudulent, please use the "Report Fundraiser" button to notify our Trust & Safety team. 

You can find the "Report Fundraiser" button under the "About the Organizer" section on the fundraiser page. 

Please note that we will only consider cases of fraud or legal violations. Personal disputes will not be reviewed.

You will be prompted to include the following information:

1. Your contact information (name, email and phone #).

2. Your relation (if any) to the organizer/beneficiary of this campaign.

3. Any evidence or background to support your claim including:

  • Links to newspaper articles
  • Facebook pages or Tweets
  • Links to, or screenshots of similar fundraisers

If our Trust & Safety is able to confirm that a fundraiser is fraudulent, or violates our terms of service it will be promptly removed.

Per our privacy policy, YouCaring will not share your personal information when reporting a fundraiser.