How do I set up PayPal?

YouCaring fundraisers are set up with WePay by default for organizers based in the United States and Canada. International users must use PayPal as their payment processor.

To select PayPal as your payment processor, use the PayPal link as seen here: 

Clicking this link will take you to the following PayPal form:

Simply enter your First and Last name and PayPal email address to link your existing account, or use the "Sign up" link to create a new PayPal account. 

*Note: Fundraisers with a goal of $5,000 or more are recommended to upgrade to a business PayPal account. 

For information on why we recommend WePay for American and Canadian fundraisers, please see the following article:

Why does YouCaring recommend WePay?

If you have an existing fundraiser using WePay and wish to switch to PayPal, please contact us using the "Submit a request" option below.