How do I set up a WePay account under my nonprofit organization?

When you set up a fundraiser on YouCaring, a WePay account will automatically be set up for you as a personal account.

You can change the account type after you have created your fundraiser by signing into your WePay account at and following these steps:

1. Click 'Settings'.


2. Choose the 'General' tab (1st option on the left)


3. Click the 'Update' button (Under contact information).

4. Click 'Which Best Describes You?' and change to 'Nonprofit Organization'.


5. Under 'More details', select the whichever best describes your Nonprofit Organization.

6. Enter in the Nonprofit's EIN and other organization information.


7. Verify your personal identity, then click 'Submit'.


After entering the organization's information, you’ll still need to fill out your personal information to verify that you are making withdrawals on behalf of the organization.