Does YouCaring issue tax receipts on behalf of nonprofit organizations?

When someone donates to a YouCaring fundraiser, they will automatically receive an email confirming their contribution. However, tax receipts must be issued directly by the registered nonprofit that received the donation. YouCaring is not able to issue tax receipts on behalf of nonprofit organizations.

If your nonprofit organization has a YouCaring fundraiser, you should download a list of your donors and issue tax receipts to them directly by mail or email. For instructions on how to download a list of your donors, please see this article: 
How can I view the contact information for my donors?  

If you donated to a fundraiser that was created by a registered nonprofit organization, you should contact the organization directly to request a tax receipt for your donation.

You can send a direct email to the fundraiser organizer by clicking the "Contact the Organizer" button on toward the bottom of the fundraiser page.