Can I create a fundraiser if I don't have a bank account?

Yes, you can still raise donations on YouCaring! There are a couple options for setting up a fundraiser without a bank account. 

Receiving Donations by Check: 

If you're an American citizen and use WePay as your donation processor, you can request that WePay mail your donations to you as a check made out in your name on a weekly or monthly basis. It typically takes 5-10 business days to receive these checks.

Alternatively, if you use PayPal as your donation processor, you can store and spend your donations online through the PayPal app. Additionally, you might have the option to receive your donations by mail as a check made out in your name. PayPal's check withdrawal availability and fees vary by country, so please refer to your local PayPal website for more information. 

Please see this article for instructions on how to set up your WePay or PayPal account to issue your donations to you by check:  

Can I withdraw my funds via check?


Having a Family Member Manage the Donations:

If you don't own a bank account and can't cash checks made out in your name, you can have a spouse, sibling, parent, or adult child receive and manage the donations on your behalf. Please note, friends and more distant relatives cannot manage your donations.

If you're an American citizen and would like to use WePay as the payment processor, provide a spouse, sibling, parent, or adult child's name and email address at this point of the fundraiser creation process:



If you're based abroad or otherwise select to use PayPal to process your donations, please provide a spouse, sibling, parent or adult child's PayPal account information when you reach this part of the fundraiser creation process:



Any donations received to your fundraiser will be deposited into your relative's WePay or PayPal account. They can then withdraw the funds to their own bank account and distribute the money to you offline.